Benefits of leasing

Capital Equipment Leasing

  • Keep pace with technology by upgrading without having to fund with cash purchases and wait for capital to become available;
  • Consolidate contracts to drive down costs;
  • Allows a business to obtain goods straight away to help drive growth and profitability on monthly payment terms
  • Meet the needs of high growth businesses by adding or changing assets to a master contract;
  • Benefit from terms that allow for planned upgrade points, fixed budgets or returns of redundant equipment;
  • Get flexible terms from 2 years to 6 years with reducing costs over longer periods;
  • Guarantee fixed cost financing;
  • Have Monthly, Quarterly or Annual payments;
  • Have 3rd party supplier support charges collected alongside the lease payments to reduce invoice processing;
  • Extremely tax efficient being able to offset 100% of rentals against tax liabilities as a business expense.
Consolidate lease contracts

Why choose Nationwide Capital Finance?

We know business

For 15 years we have provided Leasing solutions to the UK market. We understand the challenges for customers and suppliers alike and work with both parties to create seamless transactions.

Flexible repayments

If you know what you want that’s perfect! However once we understand your objectives we can tailor a finance solution that mirrors your expectations to create a mutually successful outcome.


We believe in developing relationships that stand the test of time. Our principle of long term planning affords us the opportunity to Learn, Grow and Trust together.

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Our direct underwriting teams can turn around applications very quickly. If the standard criteria for approval cannot be met by conventional methodology, we may ask for further information that allows for swift underwriting. We use this process to understand your objectives and timescales and look at every proposal from a positive perspective. Please let us help you achieve your goals by making a simple application today.

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