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Our Flexible Leasing Solutions enable your business to grow by allowing you to acquire the goods and services you need today to drive your growth of tomorrow.

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Our mission is to provide fast, reliable asset based leasing solutions to the market from a trusted supplier. We are a direct lender not a broker so you are always close to the source of funds. We have UK based underwriters that have comprehensive experience in our markets and understand the challenges facing SME’s. Our offer is relationship led, where we try to understand your business and long term objectives so we can provide solutions to your funding requirements for the long term.

  • Drive growth by accessing the latest technology via a trusted finance provider.
  • We facilitate your ambitions by making it easy to acquire the tools you need to make your business competitive.
  • Hard & soft assets can be leased over 3-6 years to enable your business to succeed.

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Office Equipment Finance

Office Equipment Finance

We lease the equipment types you would expect including, but not limited to scanners, copiers, mailroom equipment, computers & office furniture. Increasingly we are seeing the need for bundles incorporating software, consultancy & implementation fees. Your contract costs can be wrapped into a lease creating a transparent acquisition & sale model.

  • 2 – 6 year term
  • Fixed pricing
  • Maintenance included collections
Office Equipment Finance
Telecoms finance

Telecoms Finance

This often complex and regulated market can offer certain challenges to funders and SME’s alike. We operate in this sector providing flexible leasing solutions and an understanding of the need to mix software applications with telecoms hardware to provide a total solution for the client. Clear and transparent agreements are vital to ensure a simple application process and service delivery.

  • 3 – 6 year term
  • Flexible upgrade options
  • Software inclusive contracts
Telecoms Hardware Finance

Capital Equipment Leasing

Capital Equipment Leasing is an accessible method of business finance. We are available to finance many different types of hard assets. Please contact us on 01204 303 303 to discuss your requirements. We are able to look at any application on its own merits and work with you to find the best result available for all parties whether you are a Direct client, Broker or Dealer.

  • Renew
  • Retain
  • Return
Capital Equipment Leasing

Benefits of leasing

  • Access finance for assets up to £500,000
  • Release capital to suppliers in 48 hrs.
  • Planned upgrade points and fixed terms
  • Acquire new equipment now & spread the cost over agreed period
  • Protect existing capital reserves
  • Fast applications with quick decisions
Benefits of Leasing

Contract Consolidation

Multiple assets and contracts can be consolidated into one simple monthly payment to:

  • Reduce costs;
  • Create simpler administration processes;
  • Create a master lease with real account management;
  • Work with a leasing finance provider that understands your business;
  • Part settle the contract as an asset becomes redundant.

Refinancing existing asset pools to release capital back into the business is an effective and quick way of creating growth funds that avoid the complicated burden of tier 1 traditional banking loans.

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Why choose Nationwide Capital Finance?

We know business

For 15 years we have provided Leasing solutions to the UK market. We understand the challenges for customers and suppliers alike and work with both parties to create seamless transactions.

Flexible options

If you know what you want that’s perfect! However once we understand your objectives we can tailor a finance solution that mirrors your expectations to create a mutually successful outcome.


We believe in developing relationships that stand the test of time. Our principle of long term planning affords us the opportunity to Learn, Grow and Trust together.

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Our direct underwriting teams can turn around applications very quickly. If the standard criteria for approval cannot be met by conventional methodology, we may ask for further information that allows for swift underwriting. We use this process to understand your objectives and timescales and look at every proposal from a positive perspective. Please let us help you achieve your goals by making a simple application today.

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